Ready to Quit?

Washington State is offering residents free access to a unique cessation program delivered via a smartphone app.

       Step 1: Answer the questions below
       Step 2: Download the app & log in
       Step 3: Create your profile

Before we provide access, we would like to know a little about you.

Why are we asking these questions?  You do not have to answer these questions, but the information you share helps us to be able to provide free programs like this app. We don’t collect any personally identifiable information, so your answers are anonymous.

- Do you live in Washington State? *-Required
- What type(s) of tobacco and/or nicotine products do you use (excluding nicotine replacement therapy)?
- What is your current gender identity?
- What sex were you assigned at birth?
- What is your sexual orientation?
- Are you Hispanic, Latino/a, or of Spanish origin?
- Which of the following would you say is your race?
- To your knowledge, are you now pregnant?
- Do you plan on becoming pregnant in the next 3 months?
- Are you currently breastfeeding?
Thank you! Please review the privacy policy and then click on "Accept and Gain Access" to get your username and password. This info will provide you with free access to the cessation app. We are rooting for you!

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